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Yoga Classes

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KamaDeva Yoga teachers come from diverse yogic backgrounds, and our schedule reflects many of the different styles of yoga that are practiced. Although all styles are based on the same physical poses (asanas), they often vary in their emphasis. All levels of student are welcome in our Open Level classes, so you can continue to test a variety of styles until you find one that suits you.


A KamaDeva Yoga OPEN class weaves intelligent sequencing, precision of alignment, a monthly focus, music, and poetry into a seamless Yogic journey designed to bring you to a state of bliss! This is an intermediate level class and assumes the practitioner has been practicing Yoga for a minimum of six months.

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Beginner Yoga Classes

Have you thought about embarking on a yoga practice for a long time but have been intimidated or scared to do so? Don't be! This class is for YOU. This beginner class teaches the fundamentals of yoga in a supportive atmosphere. Our beginners teachers are HIGHLY experienced in addressing the needs of the newer practitioner. Each week will focus on a different "group" of poses and area of the body. Class is ongoing though, and you can begin anytime. Whether you feel you are too stiff, too old, too injured, too TOO, no worries. Come to class and begin to experience the amazing benefits of this practice—an increase in ease, strength, and flexibility in the body, greater mental clarity, peace, and happiness.

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Restorative Yoga explores the capacity of individual students to relax deeply and to understand their bodies and minds more intimately. This practice uses progressive relaxation techniques using props to create stillness and comfort while specific areas of the body are opened. The props allow the body to stay in the pose for longer periods of time so muscle tension can release and the mind can calm through guided meditation and imagery. Attention is brought to the breath. Benefits of this practice include: Soothes nervous system, relieves or reduces headaches, Improves memory & concentration, regulates blood pressure, healthier digestion, tension release, deeper sleep, enhanced immune function, reduces anxiety & depression, supports recovery from illness. Students will learn the "Art of Relaxation," bringing them into a place of peace & tranquility. When deep relaxation is realized, healing can happen on many levels. This unique approach allows for an exploration of the very essence of yoga; union of mind/body/spirit.

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Stand Up Paddleboarding, Lessons, SUP YOGA, and Tours

Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP)

Our SUP classes take place in idyllic locations throughout the Hamptons, from Long Beach in Sag Harbor, Accabonac Harbor in East Hampton, to Eddie Ecker State Park in Montauk. We offer stand up paddling lessons for beginners through advanced, as well as  SUP YOGA, SUPilates, and SUP Fitness on the only BOGA YOGA floating studio in the Hamptons. Boga Yoga were the first company to design a paddleboard specifically made for yoga and fitness—wider, floatier, and more stable—providing you with a much better experience on the water, while still providing awesome glide.

SUP YOGA: Yoga on the Stand Up Paddleboard!

These classes combine traditional yoga postures with the adwded fun of floating on a stand up paddleboard (SUP) in flat water. Led by Jessica Bellofatto, we will paddle for 20-30 minutes to an awesome location in the Hamptons, and then move through an intelligently designed sequence of postures targeting the legs, butt, abs, back and arms, opening up the breath, quieting the mind, and moving into greater alignment with ourselves and the natural beauty that surrounds us out on the water.

These classes are offered in partnership with JBYOGA!

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Body Shop / Injury Clinic

Sore shoulders? Tender lower back? Tight hips? Tricky knees? Pre- or post-surgery, or looking for a second opinion, possibly an alternative? Neck pain, sprained ankles, broken wrists... Life is hard on our bodies! And few of us make it through without some mishaps, aches and pains.

The good news? Lois can help! A highly trained yoga teacher and teacher trainer, Lois is also an anatomy geek who delights in sorting out what’s going on inside and getting to the root of each problem. Never set foot on a yoga mat? No problem: this clinic is for every body.

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In-Class Privates

What is an In-Class Private?

Also known as an ICP, the in-class private was created by Jivamukti Yoga years ago, back when I was a teacher trainer in (gulp) 1996. In the knowledgeable hands of a certified teacher you are guided and assisted in each and every movement during a class. The teacher’s hands almost never leave your body as they skillfully correct misalignments and aid progress moving you toward breakthroughs and new levels of awareness. This private can be scheduled during any KamaDeva class, with a teacher of your choice. This extra guidance will help take your practice to the next level. Please contact to discuss setting up in-class privates.

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